12 August 2011

new beginnings

Well, I got back from Guatemala about 1 and a half weeks ago, and will be leaving for San Anotonio in about a week and a half. Can you believe it, world?

It's been weird but nice to be back home-- enjoying foods I haven't eaten in a whole year (like Pad Thai and Diet Dr. Pepper), blending in in crowds (no longer the tallest or the whitest person, huzzah!), and being able to run and exercise in my neighborhood without worries.

However, I very much miss the slow foods that my host mom made each day (even if I never knew what was coming), mango in a baggie that I enjoyed so often (for 70cents!), and the perfect spring weather year-round (minus the rain each afternoon- I don't think I miss that so much).

In any event, I'm just relaxing these weeks, catching up with friends and making my mental transition from Ciudad Vieja to San Antonio...

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support this year, world- I couldn't do all of this without it! :)
bendiciones, juli